A day of labor - David Fonseca Photography

A day of labor

These photos were taken in Redland Florida and are part of bigger photo documentary of the local area I am working on to give awareness to this amazing area of the state not usually associated with South Florida living. Redland, often called "The Redlands" by those in neighboring communities, is an agricultural area in metropolitan Miami, Florida, United States, about 20 miles (32 km) southwest of Downtown Miami. Many farms, original clapboard homes of early settlers, u-pick'em fields and coral rock walls dot the landscape. It was named for pockets of red clay once common in the area, on top of a massive layer of oolite rock. Early residents intentionally created the singular community name "Redland" to make it easier to differentiate the town from Redlands, California. The entire area is nourished with pure water from the Biscayne Aquifer. It has been a source of amazement to agriculturalists, botanists, and naturalists around the world, including John James Audubon and David Fairchild..

My intent here is I want to show a part of Miami that is often overlooked and rarely associated with South Florida. Redland is a pretty amazing area and provides a small but direct view of our Nations agricultural comminities and the difficulties they are subjected too as well as the beauty and strength they display.

Migrant workers sit for a meal after a long day.

Though the Haitian community make up a smaller part of a Mexican dominated workforce, Haitians have lived in Miami communities for many years and have even carved out a local   sometimes referred to as "Little Haiti" in which many of them now call home.

A woman turns to talk to a coworker. The day is done and fieldworkers board busses to head home.

A long way from home. Workers finish up a long day of laborious work in the farmlands of Redlands Florida. 

A man looks back at me and winks. He's worked the a long day on the farm in Redlands Florida.

A woman cleans her face after a long day working in the fields of a local Redland Florida farm. 

Looking for water after a long day on the fields at a local farm in Redlands Florida.

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